2 months!

i can't believe our little parkman is 2 months old already! time is seriously flying by and i'm sad that i'll be returning to work next week :( good news is there is only 2.5 weeks left in the school year and then i'll have another 2 months off until next school year.

we had parker's 2 month doctor appointment last wednesday.  he is 23 inches tall and in the 50th percentile for height, weighed 11.2 lbs and in the 25th percentile for weight, and his head circumference was 15.5 inches and is in the 75th percentile.  he also got 3 shots which was sooo sad :( he did not like being poked and prodded, but luckily he calmed down really fast once we were able to pick him up and hold him.

just looking at ourselves in the mirror while we wait for the doctor

we are starting to see parker's fun personality!  he smiles all the time and is babbling and talking non stop especially after getting his diaper changed or taking a bath.

 loves taking a bath!

 i am so in love with this little guy and he has definitely stolen my heart!

 2 months old! those cheeks! i kiss them about 100x a day.

 parker and great grandma redding (90 years old!)

 parker loves when i read to him :)

my little stud
 he also loves playing on his play mat

 he's getting so big!!! and it looks like he's pretending to smoke right here haha.

 i can't get over how beautiful he is when he sleeps..

i love his little swirl! i can't wait to see what it looks like when he gets more hair..

parker is growing up so fast and i am so lucky to call him mine! he seriously gets cuter every single day. 


Parker's Birth Story

Parker James Harris was born at 6:01 a.m. on March 21, 2014
weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and was 19.3 inches long.

Parker's Birth Story:

i woke up to mild contractions on March 20, 2014 {1 day past my due date}.  they felt just like period cramps and were about 15 minutes apart.  i told craig that i thought that i was starting to have contractions but to go ahead and go to school because it would probably take awhile.  about an hour later, my contractions were getting stronger and closer together {about 8-10 min apart}.  i ended up taking a shower around this time which i'm glad that i did before the contractions got too painful.

i was keeping my family updated in utah because they wanted to know when to leave so they could make it in time {it takes 10 hours to drive from utah to sacramento}.  most of the time i didn't know what to tell them because i could technically handle the pain and didn't know if i would end up going to the hospital that night or the next day.  i slowly passed the time by browsing on my computer and watching episodes of the office.  i was also doing some last minute packing for the hospital.

around 2:00 in the afternoon, i had craig come home from school because my contractions were getting more painful, coming every 5-6 minutes apart, and craig still hadn't packed a hospital bag.  my doctor told me to go to the hospital when i was having contractions 3-5 minutes apart for 2 hours.  i was timing my contractions but would get really confused because i would have them every 4-5 minutes for about an hour and then i would randomly not get one for 10 minutes.  so i wasn't sure if i had to start the 2 hours over again.  the contractions were pretty painful but i could still manage the pain so i didn't think we needed to go just yet.  i DID NOT want to go to the hospital and get turned away.

it was about 5:00 when my contractions started coming every 3-4 minutes.  however, again, i would randomly not get a couple for about 7 minutes so i still didn't think we should go to the hospital.  my contractions were pretty painful at this point.  it hurt to sit, stand, or lay down.  it actually hurt the worst to lay down.  i had pretty bad back labor and felt most of the contraction in my lower back which was super painful.

we tried to distract ourselves by watching march madness {craig was more easily distracted than i was...}.  by 7:30 we were both really hungry so craig started cooking some hamburger to make spaghetti and meat sauce.  at this point, i was in a ton of pain and told craig that we needed to go to the hospital right then because i didn't think i could take the pain much longer {i wanted that epidural!}.  i was exhausted from laboring all day and just wanted to get some rest.  so craig threw the cooked hamburger in the freezer, we grabbed our bags, and we were headed to the hospital!  craig offered to stop and get food because we knew that i wouldn't be able to eat once i was admitted, but i couldn't think about food anymore and just wanted to get to the hospital.

we got to the hospital and i was taken to a room to see how dilated i was.  the nurse checked me and was surprised/happy to tell me that i was already at a 7!  i was just super happy not to be turned away. at that point we called our parents to let them know we were admitted and my family started the drive to sacramento.

the hospital was really full that night and they didn't have a delivery room available yet so i stayed in that room while they checked my vitals and hooked me up to an iv.  two women ended up going in for c sections so they were able to clear out a delivery room for me, thank goodness.  when we got up to the delivery room they paged the anesthesiologist  for the epidural but i guess they were all in c sections so i had to wait even longer for the epidural.  by this point, i was sooo exhausted and the contractions were getting almost unbearable.  i finally got the epidural when i was at an 8.5 and it was the most wonderful thing in the whole world.  seriously, i felt so amazing and could not believe that everyone doesn't get one. 

they let me sleep for awhile {i was so exhausted!} and would periodically come check me.  poor craig had to make a bed out of 3 chairs {i wish that i had gotten a picture}.  around 4:30 a.m. i was finally dilated to a 10 and the nurse had me start pushing to try to break my water, but it would. not. budge.  when the doctor arrived, she broke my water and with 2-3 pushes Parker was out :)  i was immediately able to do skin to skin which was heavenly.  Parker is such a strong boy! he was lifting his head off my chest by himself to look around. it was crazy!

unfortunately, i got a third degree tear and had to be stitched up :(  the recovery from that has not been fun.  i also had a little difficulty breathing after Parker was born so they had to put me on oxygen for awhile.  despite all of this, giving birth was such an amazing experience and i would do it all over again for our little Parker. also, my family made it right on time and were able to come see us and Parker right after they stitched me up! :) i absolutely love my new little family!

  he's the cutest thing i've ever seen

 daddy holding Parker for the first time :)


 my lovely mother

 getting dressed to go home

going home!


we're getting close!

38.5 weeks

i can't believe i'm due in a week and a half... i am sooooo excited!  but also starting to get a little nervous.  i'm going into labor pretty carefree and open minded; hopefully that's a good thing...  i want to have a good labor experience and don't want to be set on things going a certain way.  so we'll see what happens! i am kind of betting that i'm going to be overdue so i haven't packed my hospital bag yet, but i am packing it tonight just in case. 

i am feeling really pretty great for being 38.5 weeks along!  i'm still working out which is great! however, i am feeling a lot more achy now and have to get up twice a night to go to the bathroom.  i think baby boy is in the process of dropping.  i have episodes with my sciatic nerve everyday but nothing that is too bad.  baby boy is still really active and kicking me pretty hard these days.  i think he knows that it's almost time for him to make his appearance.  most of his 0-3 month clothes and blankets are washed and put away.

 this last week i also set up the cradle!  i seriously could just stare at it all day!  we decided not to set up his real crib until after we move to a 2 bedroom apt in june.

{the stuffed animals will definitely not stay in the cradle while he is sleeping, just in case anyone was worried...}

i'm really bummed that i can't set up baby boy's nursery and make it all cute before he arrives, but i keep reminding myself that it will only be for a few months. 

my wonderful visiting teachers threw me a baby shower yesterday with a bunch of ladies from the ward.  it was absolutely perfect and so much fun! we had a wonderful brunch and baby boy was spoiled with so many cute clothes, toys, and lots of good books!  hopefully more pictures will come if i can get them e-mailed to me.

just a few of my favorites

i was at target yesterday picking a few things up when i saw this adorable outfit! i really couldn't help myself and had to buy it for the babe.

i seriously cannot wait to dress our little guy up!

 well this week is my last week at work before maternity leave!!! wish me luck!


one month!

i seriously cannot believe that we only have one more month until we get to meet our little guy!  i'm super excited and nervous all at the same time.  i am now having doctor appts every week. i'm also finally getting to the point where i feel huge and uncomfortable a lot of the time.  i'm still sleeping well besides having to get up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom, but rolling out of bed is becoming more and more difficult.  i also sometimes feel like my stomach can't stretch anymore and i don't know how it's going to stretch even more these next 4 weeks.  i am still able to workout which is great and hopefully i'll be able to exercise right up until i give birth. 

{35.5 weeks}

some other things:
-i have had zero heartburn/acid reflux so i'm pretty sure this baby is going to come out bald {old wives tale, but we'll see if i'm right}
-no stretch marks yet but they'll probably make their appearance any day now
-i'm always hot, my body literally radiates heat {soooo glad that i was not pregnant during the summer}
-i can still keep my wedding ring on :)
-my ankles have started to swell a little bit when i've been on my feet all day.
-my boobs are GINORMOUS {weirdly, this is what i have hated the most about pregnancy}

in other news, my diaper bag came this week!!!  it's from pottery barn and i absolutely LOVE it!!! it was kinda pricey, but i wanted something that i would really be happy with and love carrying around.

 it also came with a portable changing pad which is really nice.

if you are a momma-to-be, make sure you check out carseatcanopy.com! if you use the code: FABULESS1 you can get a carseat canopy for only $12.95 {the cost of the shipping}. 

my parents ended up getting me this whole set which i absolutely love.  if you want the whole set, you can use the same code and it will take off $50.

i also got a nursing cover from uddercovers.com for only $11.95 using the discount code: FABNURSING1

it would probably be cheaper to make your own, but i don't have a sewing machine or the time and energy.  so this works for me :)

valentines day 2014

i absolutely love valentines day!!!  i love all the pinks and reds, the chocolate, flowers, love notes, and having a day dedicated to love.  however, i also believe we should show and express love on all the other 364 days a year.  it's just fun to have a day to celebrate ;)  it's really fun to work at a school and be able to celebrate holidays.  i got a lot of treats and cute notes from the kiddos that i work with.  on the other hand, i was really glad when 2:45 rolled around and the kids went home. i never want to see some of the kids hyped up on that much sugar again...

after work, i raced home so that i could go out on a hott date with the hubs.  when i got home i found these beauties, some reeses {my favorite!}, and a sweet little note :)

we quickly left for dinner so that we could beat the crowds.  we ate at the old spaghetti factory.  i absolutely love the interior and the classic old time feel of the place.  our food was delicious and you can't beat free spumoni!

after dinner, we went shopping at the folsom outlets.  lucky for us, the gap was having a huge sale!  craig got some nice shirts and a pair of shorts and i got a new workout shirt.

we also got the babe a new outfit!  

i cannot wait until he'll be able to wear this! the baby skinnies kill me!  it took all my willpower not to buy him 20 other things.  he is going to be one handsome little guy!  and we ended our night by going to see the new lego movie. 

i am so grateful for my valentine!  he is such a wonderful husband and is going to be an amazing father!  i love you soooo much babe!